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Goro Hair | Hair Asset

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Goro Hair [Personal & Commercial]

Multi-purposed 3D model


  • FBX file
  • Hi-Poly Mesh [Verts: 27,947 | Faces: 22,242 | Tris: 44,484]
  • Low-Poly Mesh [Verts: 8,488 | Faces: 5,558 | Tris: 11,126]
  • Rigged (Hair skeleton bones and weight)
  • Easy texture customization
  • UV Mapping to CicieaaaVR's Hair Texture (Free Download)


  • There will be basic clipping or minor imperfection upon use
  • Must parent the hair bones with your avatar's Head
  • Personal adjustment is allowed

Not Included: Mannequin


This 3D model Asset was created by Blender in August 2023

Artist/Creator name: Akira Chirakijja (Aka TRAUMA)

Terms of Use:

1. By purchasing, you agree to these rules

2. You agree that I (Akira C. / TRAUMA) have no liability regarding my products and services.

3. You must have basic knowledge of Blender or any software to use or apply this 3D model

4. Do not redistribute,re-sell, reshare, or republish this product/3D model

5. Do not edit and claim as your own

6. Refunds are not possible due to the nature of digital products. Please read the terms and conditions carefully before purchasing

7. You may use this product for personal/commercial purposes if you follow (5.)

8. Do not include this item into avatars or projects that you are intended to sell without crediting the source of this product

The Copyright-2023 protects this product.

Actions against the protection and the violation may result in legal liability and consequences.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with the creator

Discord : #trauma.69



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Goro Hair | Hair Asset | Personal & Commercial

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Goro Hair | Hair Asset

9 ratings
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